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Book Review: Podcasting, Wellness and Monetizing for Writers in India by Dr Amrita Basu



Podcasting, Wellness and Monetizing for Writers in India

Nowadays, bloggers are finding new avenues for the promotion of their content. In addition to traditional blogging, we now have podcasting and video blogging. You should note that video creation is a tedious process since it involves several parameters such as capturing, editing, and much more. Hence, you should tap deep into Podcasting, which is a simple way to spread your content across the globe. You just need to write the script and record your voice. However, you should know the tips and tricks involved with the creation of Podcasting. Dr Amrita Basu recently published Podcasting, Wellness and Monetizing for Writers in India ebook in association with Blogchatter. The book has been published as part of the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.

My first impression after scanning the book is that the design layout is beautiful and organized. Unlike traditional Table of Contents, Amrita has integrated pictures as TOC, which is a new way to introduce content. You will not be able to locate this type of TOC in print books and hence the importance of ebooks comes into the picture. The author has mentioned several crucial tips using which you can start your own podcast. This chapter will be very useful for beginners.

You will learn how to record a podcast including few medicine-related tips because the author is a professional ENT surgeon. The book examines the pros and cons of a particular podcasting app, which will be useful not only for beginners but also for experienced podcasters. Amrita has explained why she preferred one particular podcasting app over another.

The book also includes a separate chapter on Mental Health. The author has added her own ads in between chapters. The book also covers monetization and digital marketing tips, which will be surely useful for beginners. The writing style is simple and I really enjoyed the book. The book design looks identical to kid’s book with large fonts. The chapter title is mentioned on each page and this will help readers to know the discussed content without going back to the TOC. There are only 30 pages and you will be able to complete the reading quickly. Please download my Windows 11 Kickstart ebook if you would like to explore Windows 11 in detail.

Podcasting, Wellness, and Monetizing for Writers in India by Dr Amrita Basu is an excellent ebook using which you can explore the world of podcasting. The book will be useful for beginners and for those who are not aware of podcasting. The book is just a starting point in your quest to enter the podcasting world.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea



Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea

Unbroken – An Untold Story is basically an autobiography authored by the infamous Indrani Mukerjea. The author was charged with the murder of her own daughter, who has been missing since 2012. She was arrested in 2015 during an important family event. She was interrogated by a team of police officers for several hours in an undisclosed location. The author provides a long list of characters who were involved in the whole case. However, she had changed few character names because of their involvement in the case. You will not find any chapter list in the book. The book is divided into several parts and is very big. You will have to spend several days to read the book in case you feel bored. It’s not possible to read the whole book at a single stretch.

Indrani has narrated the whole events that happened when she was arrested. Did police officers sneak into her privacy? She was reportedly taken to a police station and the whole event has been depicted clearly by the author. She reveals the reason for her arrest. The Unbroken – An Untold Story has mentioned several sentences in Hindi followed by the English translation. It’s crazy that she still remembers all the tragic events that happened to her. You will know how she was treated during her custody. It looks like Indrani was told about her offence and how long she will have spent inside the jail. Indrani narrates a bad ordeal that she had to undergo when she was a kid in detail. It required great amount of patience to read the content.

The author was lodged inside Byculla Jail and she provides a detailed overview of the premises. it’s not possible to know information about the jails unless an Insider like Indrani throws open to the world. She talks about handing over the case to CBI, hospital admission, weight loss, and much more. The book talks about Sheena’s childhood. An interesting turn of events happened with Indrani’s life and you have to read Page 114 for that. It’s a long turn of events and can be completed only in multiple sittings.

The 12th chapter narrates Indrani’s intimate relationship with another person and the consequences. Indrani provides a detailed outline of her corporate life and experiences. She then provides the details included with the chargesheet and additional information about her prison life. Indrani talks about her experiences with Peter. Did Indrani Mukerjea encounter an intimate relationship on the mentioned day with Peter? You have to check Page 258. This chapter is too long but you will find it interesting because of the coverage style.

The relationship between Sheena and Rahul is well explained. Indrani also provides a comprehensive outlook about the betrayal she had to face with Peter. She also dedicated few sections about the characters that appeared inside the jail. From my point of view, Indrani had plans to write an autobiography when she was inside the jail itself. The chapter 27 is the main turning point of the author’s career. She briefly narrates the events but stops on a particular date. Indrani also provides a brief outline of her jail life during the COVID-19 pandemic. From my point of view, Indrani deliberately fell into intimate relationships (except childhood fiasco) by knowing the consequences very well.

Indrani tried hard to narrate the real-world experiences of her life in the book titled Unbroken. We don’t know whether the events that transpired in her life are real especially that of her childhood. However, we have to believe it because it’s the author’s biography. The author claims that Sheena is very much alive and this looks suspicious. This is because Sheena hasn’t made any personal appearances after 2012. If Sheena is indeed alive, then why she is not coming out and appearing before the media? This will acquit Indrani and also the case will be closed. However, this is not happening.

Indrani claims in the book that her daughter is alive somewhere in the world. Where? This is the big question. Even though Indrani availed bail, the public will still view her with suspicion unless she really proves that Shenna is alive. If Sheena is not alive and Indrani pleads innocence, then what really happened to Sheena? Why she is missing? or Who killed her? These questions will haunt Indrani forever even if any court acquits her from the case by giving the benefit of doubt. I would recommend Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea if you would love to read real-life stories and autobiographies. However, the author is still an accused and has not yet been acquitted by any court.

Title: Unbroken
Author: Indrani Mukerjea
Date: 30 July 2023
Pages: 400 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins India
ISBN: 978-9356994102
Rating: ***

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Book Review: Office Secrets: 50 Human Truths You Should Absolutely Know



Office Secrets by Harish Bhat

Workplace habits have changed after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, IT professionals work from the comforts of their homes. Even though work and meetings are being held online, there are plenty of Office Secrets that erupt on a daily basis that workers are not aware of. In his book Office Secrets, Harish has provided a curated list of 50 human truths that you should absolutely know.

As the subtitle of the Office Secrets book indicates, the book is divided into 50 chapters. The first chapter examines the secrets of the reason behind people talking so much during meetings. Are you generous at your workplace? You should read the next chapter where the author reveals the secrets. Harish then talks about the secrets involved with the formation of a club. Are you still under WFH? The next chapter is waiting for your disposal because the author provides several secret rules that you had never heard of. If you would like to know what to do during tiredness, then turn over to the next chapter.

You will find several interesting objects that you will find inside an office. Find their secrets in the next chapter. Is there any relationship between daydreaming and writing? You can find out their secrets. If you spend long time before your devices with plenty of small square-shaped windows, then you will find it recover from them. Harish clearly distills the secrets.

With the boom in the Digital Workplace, you need to find their trade secrets so that you can outsmart your colleagues. Do you want to know the secrets of your office companion? Are you scratching your head as to who the companion is. You have to read the book to find them. As a book reviewer, I can’t leak secrets. Do you have a habit to ask questions during meetings? You should learn some secret questions using which you can outsmart your friends. Does interchanging of months possible? Harish provides some secrets relevant to this question.

Listening is absolutely important to have a successful work life. However, there are trade secrets that you be aware to excel not only in the offline but also digital workplace. Even though COVID-19 is over, you should learn pandemic secrets examined in the Office Secrets book so that you can be healthy. Despite having sticky notes and digital notepad, it’s nice to have a traditional Notebook. Harish brings to you few secrets that you can pen down in your Notebook but you can migrate them to your digital notes as well.

Is your manager always happy? If yes, then they are following office Secrets that you never know. With the help of the Office Secrets book, you can find and apply them irrespective of your role. If you believe in Astrology, then navigate to Page 115 where the author has provided the qualities of people with different Zodiac signs. The interesting point to note is that descriptions are provided based on team meetings.

If you work inside an Office, then you should know how to appreciate others’ work. You will find few secrets inside this book. The author also relates a popular award function and offices. Check out the relevant secrets. The Office Secrets of several Evergreen characters are also covered by the author and they are very interesting as well. The author mentions an unknown item while quoting secrets related to beverages. The remaining chapters delve deep into several funny and interesting facts and the secrets involved with them.

The author has followed an excellent writing style throughout the book. Each concept is explained in detail without any unwanted content. It would be helpful if the author provides important tips inside rectangles boxes in between the content because they add more value. I would appreciate if the paper quality of the book is improved in addition to slightly increasing the font size. This will help readers to read the book for several hours without fatigue.

Office Secrets by Harish Bhat is a must-read since the book covers cool and informative secrets, which are more or less similar to that of a Pandora box. You will never find the secrets mentioned in this book anywhere else including AI tools like ChatGPT. The actual content covered in this book is very hard to locate unless you purchase Office Secrets book. Why are you waiting for? The book is currently selling like hotcakes. Click here to grab a copy of the Office Secrets book immediately.

Office Secrets: 50 Human Truths You Should Absolutely Know
Author: Harish Bhat
Pages: 256 pages
Publisher: Penguin Business
ISBN: 978-0143462484

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Book Review: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life



Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

We all follow different habits in our day-to-day lives. There are good and bad habits. There are people who follow certain bad habits, which affect the community. If you follow certain bad habits, then it’s time to change them for a good future. We recently stumbled upon Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life book authored by Ashdin Doctor. The book delves deep into the various facts that can lead to an awesome life.

The Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life is divided into several sections. If you would like to know the clear definition of habits then you should navigate the first chapter. Ashdin, who is also a successful Habit Coach, also explores the various ways to cope up with change. The real dictionary meaning of habit has been clearly explained by the author. The second section examines the steps needed to change habits.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Do you want to know the real link between motivation and change? The second chapter is waiting for you. There is a power in habit change and the 3rd chapter examines the concept in detail. The third section delves deep into the three Golden rules associated with habit change. You should read the book the know about them. If you would like to change habits, then you should create successful systems.  This includes the creation of your own habit system. You will know about these topics in the 4th section of the book.

The author has explained the process required to track habits clearly. If you change habits, then you should employ someone who will be able to track your progress. Ashdin has dedicated a separate chapter to explain this aspect. The book examines two powers that come into the picture during the course of habit tracking. The author also provides a detailed overview of the challenges during the course of habit change. Habits are related to two aspects and the author provides a clear explanation about them. The final section provides coverage of several interesting concepts. If you follow any bad habits in your life, then you should read this section.

Ashdin has taken an excellent effort to provide success stories by interacting with people who faced problems in their daily lives. You should read them to understand the various facts so that you can apply them to overcome obstacles. The author has provided exercises at the end of each chapter. You should try to solve them to make sure that you understood the concepts. We would appreciate if the publisher provides the content in bigger font size so that senior citizens will be able to easily read and grasp the content clearly without any eye fatigue.

The Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life by Ashdin Doctor is filled with no-nonsense informative content. The book will be useful not only for those who changed their habit due to some reason but also for other people who would like to achieve success in life. It only takes the implementation of few simple techniques to view the real change in your life. I enjoyed reading the book very much due to the abundance of great quality content.

There are coaches who claim to teach tips and techniques online but Ashdin has taken a huge effort by providing all the content in the form of a book. The affordable price of the book makes it a clear winner. I highly recommend Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life book by Ashdin Doctor if you would like to achieve change and success in life.

I am sure that if you follow the concepts covered by Ashdin, you will be able to surprise your friends with an awesome transformational life. The publisher also released an ebook version, which will be useful for Kindle fans. A preview of the book is also available on Amazon. Don’t delay. Grab a copy of the Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life book today in your quest to lead an awesome and pleasant life.

The Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life by Ashdin Doctor is an excellent motivational and inspirational guide for students and youngsters amidst the tech-addicted life.

Book Name: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life
Author: Ashdin Doctor
Date: February 1, 2023
Publisher: HarperCollins India
ISBN: 978-9356295384
Pages: 232
Cost: INR 250

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