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Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Trending Gadgets For Dads



Father's Day

Father’s Day is a nice opportunity for you to gift your dad with the latest gadgets to enable him to explore a new world. With just dew days left for Father’s Day, you should think about giving away gifts for your loved dad. Your father had taken care of you when you are a child. It’s time for you to give back a gift which he cherishes forever. The popular e-commerce stores such as Amazon are selling gadgets at huge discounts until June 18. In this article, we will provide a list of few useful Father’s Day gift ideas, which will help you in your purchase decision.


Nowadays, smartphones are used by people all over the world. The devices will simplify the life to a large extent with intuitive navigation and touch display. The iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, LG G6 are expensive.

If you don’t have a big budget, you can gift your dad with smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi, LeEco, Asus, and Huawei. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 ($199) will be a perfect choice because of a large color display, enhanced storage and regular updates in addition to the budget-friendly price tag. You can also consider gifting ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser, Huawei Honor 6X, LeEco Le S3, and Honor 5X smartphones.


If your dad prefers a gadget with a large display, you can consider Tablets manufactured by Xiaomi and Chuwi that are available at smart prices. Priced at $150, the CHUWI Hi10 tablet comes with both Android and Windows 10 with a 10-inch display, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 will also be a good choice but it is currently available only in China. You can also consider Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Asus Zenpad S, which are available in 8-inch display at affordable prices. If you can increase the budget to some extent, you can gift your father with a smart Apple iPad available in several variants and colors.

Action Cameras

The action camera segment is growing like hot cakes. The traditional bulky digital cameras are slowly getting replaced by mini sized 4K-enabled camera. MGCOOL Explorer Pro ($65) enables you to capture stunning images (up to 16MP) and 4K videos. With a 2-inch display, the camera is infused with a 170-degree wide angle Sharkeye lens for maximum clarity. You can also have a look at a wide range of cameras sold by Eken, Campark, Yi, Apeman, and GoPro.


You should make sure that your father is following proper fitness. Hence, you should gift him with smart bands. MGCOOL Band 2 ($30) and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 ($32) helps you to track fitness and sleep including heart rate with an OLED display.

Even if your dad is not tech-savvy, you can still buy the products and teach him the usage. In the next part, we will provide a list of other interesting gadgets and accessories.

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Malayali student killed in Kuwait over Fortnite game fiasco with his parents





A Malayali student Nihal Mathew (13) has been killed in Kuwait over a feud with his parents over a dangerous computer game named Fortnite. According to reports, the kid fell down from a high rise apartment complex and was found dead by people. His parents had warned him when Nihal was immersed in the game for a long time. His parents has roots in Kerala and are part of the Malayali NRI community. The incident occurred on Saturday and the game has been driving crazy among kids.

Nihal was deeply involved with the Fortnite game over the past several days. His parents were said to have warned him when he was deeply involved before the PC for a long time. With anger, Nihal left home but his parents could not find him. The incident was reported to Police and they conducted a detailed investigation. They found the body of the boy from the backside of the building. It was found that the boy fell down from the second floor of the building since his house was on the first floor.

Nihal was studying 9th Grade in Kuwait English school. His mother is a doctor with a popular hospital in Kuwait. He was survived by his elder brother Nikhil. The Fortnite game is believed to be equivalent to Blue Whale game. Launched in 2017, the game is said to be popular among kids. There are reports and complaints that kids often enter into depression mood after playing the game for a long time.

When kids often play games for a long time, parents should encourage them to do other talks that are simple. We now have plenty of activity games and parents should ask kids to learn them. Moreover, parents should encourage online learning among kids because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The parents should not show any anger towards kids. They can even encourage kids to learn the art of painting and software development.

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Xiaomi Reveals Work From Home Guidelines




Work from home

Xiaomi has announced few guidelines for work from home. With the 21-day lockdown in place, companies have been asking employees to work from home. The factories have stopped manufacturing and those people who are involved in sales and marketing are currently working from home. The guidelines issued by Xiaomi will help a long way for the people who work from home to become effective and productive.

Start your day right

You should not skip your workout during the lockdown. You can perform few stretches including 15 minutes of Yoga. You can also do quick pushups every day to keep yourself engaged and energized.

Dedicated workspace

You should confine yourself to a specific area in the house. You should keep the workstation clean from any disturbances. You should prevent other house members from invading your workspace including kids. However, you can’t prevent kids from entering the workspaces but you can keep them engaged with activities.

Regular work hours

Like in the office, you should maintain a strict schedule from 9 AM to 5 PM. You should boot your PC early and keep all the connections intact, which includes Broadband and mobile. You should work in the same way as you do inside your office cabin. If you are feeling bored, you can read books and magazines.

Regular Breaks

You should not work continuously before computer screen and should take breaks in between. You can take a walk around the house or get a cup of coffee. You can also watch your favorite TV series when you are free between your work schedule. You can read books and surf through your bookshelf for old magazines and notebooks. You will be able to find plenty of old books inside your shelves, which turn out to be great memories.

Establish connections

Even though you are working from home, you should establish connectivity with friends and colleagues. You can make use of video chat to stay in touch with your friends via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video calling functionalities.

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iPhone X to include revolutionary arsehole recognition technology




iPhone X

The new iPhone X will recognise the unique arsehole signature of its users and automatically log them in, according to details released today.

Describing the feature as ‘arsehole recognition’, CEO Tim Cook said the groundbreaking new system was aimed directly at the sort of person who has an Apple and thinks it in some way makes them special or interesting.

Two cameras mounted to the device will create an ‘in depth’ picture of the specific arsehole characteristics of its user in 3D, and will then recognise them again from any angle.

“We call this technology bumprint,” he said. “Whilst there may be some initial and short-term discomfort in creating your profile from all angles, we’re confident that so many of our users walk around with a stick up their arse that they won’t notice there’s a phone there as well after a while.

“From then on you’ll be able to sign in quickly and easily at any time you’ve not got any underwear on.”

When asked if the phone will be able to tell if its owner had enough arsehole for the phone to instantly recognise them, Mr Cook confirmed that the act of paying a thousand bucks for the damn thing made that the easiest part of the whole process.


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