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Why Jackfruit Doesn’t Appeal to Everyone




Jackfruit, scientifically known as Artocarpus heterophyllus, is a tropical fruit that originates from the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia. It is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world and can reach impressive sizes, weighing up to 80 pounds (36 kilograms) or more. Jackfruit has a rough and spiky green exterior that transforms into a yellowish or golden color when ripe.

The fruit’s unique characteristic lies in its fleshy interior, which consists of numerous bulb-like pods that surround large, inedible seeds. The ripe fruit pods have a sweet and tropical flavor, often compared to a combination of pineapple, mango, and banana. Unripe jackfruit, on the other hand, has a milder taste and is commonly used as a vegetable substitute in savory dishes.

Jackfruit has gained popularity as a versatile ingredient due to its fibrous and meaty texture, often used as a plant-based alternative in vegetarian and vegan cooking. It can be cooked in various ways, including curries, stir-fries, sandwiches, and even as a meat substitute in pulled “pork” dishes. Additionally, jackfruit is rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, and various antioxidants.

While jackfruit is native to certain regions, it has gained international recognition and is now available in many parts of the world, either fresh, canned, or in packaged forms. Its unique taste, texture, and culinary adaptability make jackfruit an intriguing and sought-after fruit for food enthusiasts and those exploring plant-based options.

There can be several reasons why certain people might not like jackfruit. Here are a few possible reasons:

Taste and Texture

Jackfruit has a unique taste and texture that might not appeal to everyone. Some people find its flavor too sweet or tropical, while others may not enjoy its fibrous and chewy texture.


Jackfruit has a distinct aroma, which can be strong and overpowering for some individuals. The smell has been described as similar to a combination of tropical fruits and onions. This strong odor can be off-putting for those who are sensitive to it.

Allergies or Sensitivities

Like any other fruit, jackfruit can cause allergies or sensitivities in certain individuals. Some people may experience allergic reactions or digestive issues after consuming jackfruit, which can make them dislike it.

Culinary Preparation

Jackfruit is a versatile fruit and can be prepared in various ways, but it requires some skill and effort to process and cook properly. If not prepared correctly, jackfruit can have an unpleasant taste or texture, which might lead to a negative impression.

Cultural or Personal Preference

Taste preferences can vary widely among individuals based on their cultural background, upbringing, and personal experiences. Jackfruit is commonly consumed in certain regions and cuisines, but it may not be a familiar or preferred food for everyone. It’s important to remember that taste preferences are subjective, and what one person dislikes, another person might enjoy.

In conclusion, jackfruit is a fascinating tropical fruit with a distinctive appearance, taste, and texture. Its large size, sweet flavor, and versatility have made it a popular ingredient in various cuisines around the world. Whether enjoyed ripe as a sweet fruit or used unripe as a vegetable substitute, jackfruit offers a unique culinary experience. While it may not appeal to everyone due to personal preferences, taste variations, or sensitivities, its growing popularity showcases its potential as a plant-based alternative and its ability to captivate the taste buds of those who appreciate its tropical charm. Exploring the flavors and possibilities of jackfruit opens doors to a world of culinary creativity and the discovery of new and exciting taste sensations.

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Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel Review: The Ultimate Solution to Corns and Calluses




Dr Foot Heel Gel

Are you tired of dealing with dry, cracked, and rough skin on your feet? Do corns and calluses make every step painful? Look no further! In this review, we’ll delve into the benefits and features of Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel. Packed with the powerful combination of 20% Urea and 1% Salicylic Acid, this moisturizing gel promises to transform your feet, leaving them soft, smooth, and free from discomfort. Join me as we explore the wonders of Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel and discover how it can revolutionize your foot care routine.

Moisturizing for Dry, Cracked, Rough Skin

One of the primary concerns for many individuals is dealing with dry, cracked, and rough skin on their feet. Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel comes to the rescue with its intensive and rapid moisturizing properties. Upon applying the gel, you’ll notice how it quickly absorbs into your skin, delivering deep hydration where it’s needed the most.

The thick, callused, and scaling skin that has been bothering you will start to soften and smooth out, revealing the renewed and healthy skin underneath. It’s truly a game-changer for those seeking relief from stubborn dryness and roughness. You just need to apply a pinch of salt of Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel and spread it evenly across your heels.

Dr Foot Heel Gel
Dr Foot Heel Gel

Even though the cream is advertised for heels, you can apply it all over the foot. However, you should be careful not to apply excess quantity since it will harm the good skin. We used Dr Foot Heel Gel for several days and the callused skin nicely exfoliates, which enables you to remove it with your hand itself.

You can also apply the gel for 15 days and then visit your podiatrist. They will be able to remove Corn and Calluses easily with their dedicated blade. Normally, doctors and podiatrists will never recommend third-party products like Dr Foot creams and gels. However, Dr Foot Foot Heel gel is very safe for your skin. You can apply the gel over the heels even if you don’t have callus build cream. This will ensure smoother and supple skin.

Minimizes Corns and Calluses with Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel

Corns and calluses can be incredibly uncomfortable, making every step a painful experience. Fortunately, Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel is specifically formulated to address these concerns. By rehydrating and nourishing the dry & cracked skin, the gel helps to minimize the appearance of corns and calluses over time.

Dr Foot Heel Gel

Additionally, the dead skin removal properties of the gel play a vital role in gradually eliminating these troublesome foot conditions. With consistent use, you’ll notice a significant reduction in callus buildup, allowing you to walk with ease and comfort.

Softens and Nourishes the Feet

Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel goes beyond addressing specific foot issues – it provides comprehensive care for your feet. Regardless of gender, this gel is suitable for both men and women who desire soft, nourished feet. Its gentle and effective formula penetrates deeply, delivering intensive moisturization and nourishment to your skin.

Dr Foot Heel Gel

As a result, you’ll experience a noticeable improvement in the overall texture and appearance of your feet. No more hiding your feet in embarrassment – embrace the confidence that comes with having healthy, pampered feet.

Cruelty-Free, Dermatologist Tested, Non-Toxic

Choosing products that align with our values and prioritize our well-being is crucial. Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel checks all the boxes. The ingredients used in this gel are sourced ethically, ensuring a cruelty-free production process. Furthermore, it has been rigorously tested by dermatologists to guarantee its safety and effectiveness. Rest assured, even if you have sensitive skin, this gel is suitable for all skin types. It is free from harsh chemicals and toxins, giving you peace of mind while nourishing your feet.


You should make sure not to use Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel if you observe any irritation. You can patch-test a small quantity before starting to apply the gel. I always follow this approach with all foot creams and gels. The product is a powerful gel combination comprising of Urea and Salicylic acid. The gel is stronger than competing creams.

We would appreciate if the company supplies the product in a tube instead of a round-shaped container. You will face difficulties while opening the container. Moreover, if you accidentally drop the container during the application stage, then the whole gel will be wasted. You should keep the Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel container in the middle of a table or chair to avoid this problem.

The company should try to convince Podartists to recommend this gel. My doctor will not recommend this gel. They only provide Urea and Lactic Acid combination cream with 10% strength.


Say goodbye to dry, cracked, and rough skin on your feet with Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel. This powerful gel, enriched with 20% Urea and 1% Salicylic Acid, offers a multifaceted solution to address various foot concerns. By moisturizing, softening, and smoothing thick, callused skin, it brings back the comfort and joy of walking pain-free. Additionally, it minimizes the appearance of corns and calluses, reducing callus buildup over time. With its nourishing properties and gentle formula, Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel is suitable for everyone, regardless of skin type. Take the first step towards healthier, happier feet by incorporating Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel into your foot care routine.

Buy Foot Foot Heel Gel (with discount)

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India Starts COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Amidst Omicron




COVID-19 Booster Dose

India has started to push booster dose under the tag name “precaution” starting January 10. However, the vaccine will be available for people aged 60 and above with comorbidities, health care workers. India has already started to vaccinate kids between 15 to 18 years of age with Covaxin, which is fully manufactured in India. According to estimates, over 1.05 healthcare, 1.9 crore frontline workers, and 2.75 crore comorbid people above 60 years of age are eligible for precaution dose.

The COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire again after a lull and hence it’s important to get vaccinated early. It’s to be noted that vaccination is a complete medicine but the impact will be low if you get infected with COVID-19. The reports suggest that fully vaccinated people are recovering within 5 days.

The Government of India has announced that personnel and staff members deployed in election duty in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur, and Goa have also been designated as frontline workers. The union health ministry has issued guidelines that the gap between the date of administration of the second dose of vaccine and the precaution dose would be 9 months.

The Government announced that there should be no mix and match of vaccines for the precaution dose. The precaution dose will be the same as the previous two doses. For example, if you had administered Covaxin for the first two doses, then precaution will be the same Covaxin. In case of Covishield, the precaution dose will be the same Covishield. Previously, there were reports that the vaccines would be mixed but the move was dropped due to inadequate testing.

As part of the vaccination drive, CoWIN will automatically send reminder messages for all people who are eligible for the dose. You will have to schedule your appointment after the receipt of the message by logging into CoWIN portal. However, you will be able to schedule the dose only on or after the due date mentioned against your name. The vaccination certificate will be updated after the administration of the dose. You need not have to produce or submit any certificate from a doctor at the time of administration of the precaution dose. The private hospitals can also participate in the vaccination drive by conducting camps for their doctors, nurses, and other paramedical staff.

If you are 60 years, just login to COWIN portal and schedule your appointment at the earliest provided if you had taken second dose 9 months back. It’s simple to register and you can do it without third-party help and assistance.

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Top Advantages of COVID-19 in Real World





No doubt, COVID-19 is a deadly pandemic, which has affected the life of millions of people across the world. We lost several people including top celebrities. The loss is irreversible and it takes several years for the whole world to heal. The origin of COVID-19 dates back to Wuhan in China. The origin of the COVID-19 reveolves around wet markets in China. There were reports that COVID is a man made virus in a private lab near Wuhan, whyich was vetted by US President Donald Trump. Whatever may be, we have to face the challenge of COVID-19 as advised by the local Government authorities. The development of COVID-19 vaccine is under full swing all over the world and we have to wait until something emerges. In this article, we will examine the top advantages of COVID-19 in real world scenario.

Splitting on roads banned

Gone are days, when someone splits publicly on the road when you are walking. It was really a bad idea because saliva contains germs and viruses. No one bothered about it at that time. We could have told the person who did the act but we don’t know what’s there in their mind. There are chances that the concerned person could turn violent causing injuries for no fault of ourselves. With the emergence of COVID-19, Government has itself banned open splitting on the roads and imposed penalties. For example, the Kerala Government has imposed a penalty if you split openly. If there was no COVID, no one would have bothered about it. It’s true that Modi Government had launched the Swach Bharat initiative but few state Governments were reluctant to implement and even criticized the move. The current situation is that the same political leaders who initially opposed the scheme has started to implement it because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Proper Sanitization

We used to wash hands with Soap before COVID-10. Have you ever thought of using a Sanitizer? Nearly 95 percent of people never heard of using Sanitizer before COVID-19. After the outbreak of COVID, you can find the presence of sanitizer where ever you go. You can also carry a small bottle and use the sanitizer when you establish contact with some objects. If you touch other objects, wash your hands with sanitizer. According to experts, this will help eradicate viruses but there is no substantial proof. You can also use regular soap like Lifebuoy, Dove, Cinthol, and much more.

No contact Thermometer

Have you ever heard of a no-contact thermometer before COVID-19? Your doctor would have used a regular thermometer with mercury between your tongue to test the temperature. Those days are gone. Nowadays, medical professionals are using no-contact thermometers to gather your temperature. If you step-in to visit a supermarket, hospital, or any other establishment, your temperature will be verified with a wireless temperature scanner. They will not touch your body but just show the thermometer near your head or hand. The temperature will be displayed and you will be permitted inside the complex if your parameter is within the range. The purpose of using no contact thermometer is to identify whether you have fever or not, which is the first sign of COVID-19.

Usage of Masks

How many times you had covered your face while going out in Auto, Bus, Train, or even walking with a handkerchief? You need not have to do that anymore because face masks have become part and parcel of our daily life. The emergence of COVID-19 has necessitated the compulsory usage of masks whenever you step out of the house. Moreover, you can also use masks even when you are inside the house.

According to experts, proper usage of masks will help you to avoid contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Even if you speak to that person, his droplets from the mouth won’t reach your body if you make use of masks. We have seen medical professionals using masks in hospitals before COVID-19 but not the ordinary citizen. Going forward, you will not be able to avoid masks and it has become a daily necessity. Even after the vaccine availability, you will be required to use the masks to avoid COVID-19.

Online Schooling

Have you ever thought of a full academic year without school? When online learning was introduced via TV in Keralal in 2005 under the Chief Ministership of Ommen Chandy, Left parties crtisized. The teacher union conducted strike and hartals to protest against the introduction of Digital learning. However, the then CM was adamant and implemented the project via Victers channel. The lessons were mainly used as a supplement to traiditonal classroom learning. After 15 years, Karma has haunted teachers including those with Left mindset. The community had to accept the reality of online learning in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. The schools ad colleges were closed due to COVID-19 and the only way to learn is to make use of the lessons imparted via Victers channel and other video conferencing modes.


The COVID-19 will stay for the next 1-2 years depending upon the efforts of the local Government authorities. If a credible vaccine is developed, then the pandemic can be arrested to a large extent. Otherwise, we will have to fight COVID-19 by following the thuimb rule of SMS, which stands for Soap/Sanitizer, Mask and Social Distancing. Even though the pandemic is dangerous since it speads from one person to another, there are advantages as mentioned above. Going forward, we will follow the above mentioned advantages in addition to keeping us safe during the pandemic season.

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