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Book Review: The Second Innings



The Second Innings

Retirement happens in the lives of all people. In the case of Government services, people know about the correct retirement date. The Second Innings by Neerja Bhatnagar examines the various aspects of post-retirement life. The author feels that retirement is a new ball game of life. Even though many people know about the correct retirement date, they are not prepared in advance for it. The author observes that people struggle to find their purpose in life after retirement. The book is divided into several chapters.

In the first chapter, the author delves deep into the importance of developing interests other than work or job in life. You should think about hobbies. If you are good at drawing, you can do drawing job post retirement. You can even teach painting skills to others via YouTube. Do you want to be happy after retirement? The second chapter provides a detailed summary of the various aspects that makes you happy. The next chapter provides information about old age issues in a step-by-step way.

The author has examined the steps to take care of your bone health, which is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. The digestive system is important for happy retirement life and the author has narrated the various aspects in the next chapter.

The book also includes a dedicated chapter about health insurance, meditation, and depression. The author has gone tech-savvy and covered the trending Cryptocurrency, which will be very useful for senior citizens. The Second Innings book also provides information about useful Gadgets for senior citizens. The author also took time to cover the various Government schemes.

I would appreciate if the author should provide importance to Table of Contents formatting and chapter titles. Moreover, each chapter should include images related to the content to entertain readers. From my point of view, the book will be very useful for readers who wish to learn about the various aspects involved with the retirement process. Many people don’t know certain things and the author has explained them in a lucid style. You can download The Second Innings book directly via Blogchatter.

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Book Review: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life



Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

We all follow different habits in our day-to-day lives. There are good and bad habits. There are people who follow certain bad habits, which affect the community. If you follow certain bad habits, then it’s time to change them for a good future. We recently stumbled upon Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life book authored by Ashdin Doctor. The book delves deep into the various facts that can lead to an awesome life.

The Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life is divided into several sections. If you would like to know the clear definition of habits then you should navigate the first chapter. Ashdin, who is also a successful Habit Coach, also explores the various ways to cope up with change. The real dictionary meaning of habit has been clearly explained by the author. The second section examines the steps needed to change habits.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Do you want to know the real link between motivation and change? The second chapter is waiting for you. There is a power in habit change and the 3rd chapter examines the concept in detail. The third section delves deep into the three Golden rules associated with habit change. You should read the book the know about them. If you would like to change habits, then you should create successful systems.  This includes the creation of your own habit system. You will know about these topics in the 4th section of the book.

The author has explained the process required to track habits clearly. If you change habits, then you should employ someone who will be able to track your progress. Ashdin has dedicated a separate chapter to explain this aspect. The book examines two powers that come into the picture during the course of habit tracking. The author also provides a detailed overview of the challenges during the course of habit change. Habits are related to two aspects and the author provides a clear explanation about them. The final section provides coverage of several interesting concepts. If you follow any bad habits in your life, then you should read this section.

Ashdin has taken an excellent effort to provide success stories by interacting with people who faced problems in their daily lives. You should read them to understand the various facts so that you can apply them to overcome obstacles. The author has provided exercises at the end of each chapter. You should try to solve them to make sure that you understood the concepts. We would appreciate if the publisher provides the content in bigger font size so that senior citizens will be able to easily read and grasp the content clearly without any eye fatigue.

The Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life by Ashdin Doctor is filled with no-nonsense informative content. The book will be useful not only for those who changed their habit due to some reason but also for other people who would like to achieve success in life. It only takes the implementation of few simple techniques to view the real change in your life. I enjoyed reading the book very much due to the abundance of great quality content.

There are coaches who claim to teach tips and techniques online but Ashdin has taken a huge effort by providing all the content in the form of a book. The affordable price of the book makes it a clear winner. I highly recommend Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life book by Ashdin Doctor if you would like to achieve change and success in life.

I am sure that if you follow the concepts covered by Ashdin, you will be able to surprise your friends with an awesome transformational life. The publisher also released an ebook version, which will be useful for Kindle fans. A preview of the book is also available on Amazon. Don’t delay. Grab a copy of the Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life book today in your quest to lead an awesome and pleasant life.

The Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life by Ashdin Doctor is an excellent motivational and inspirational guide for students and youngsters amidst the tech-addicted life.

Book Name: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Your Guide to an Awesome Life
Author: Ashdin Doctor
Date: February 1, 2023
Publisher: HarperCollins India
ISBN: 978-9356295384
Pages: 232
Cost: INR 250

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Book Review: HAPPIMESS




I reviewed several books in the past but HAPPIMESS by Biswajit Banerji is completely different. HAPPIMESS is a collection of naughty stories that not only make us laugh but also invoke poking fun at several social faces. The stories covered in the book are similar to the real-life happenings surrounding us. Sometimes, you should have thought about a particular thing but later asked few people as to which way to go.

The first chapter examines the connection between Humans and Electrical equipment. He covered the indicator lamp with something and the rest of the chapter sounds funny. If you ever wondered which way to walk, then the second chapter is for you. The real scenario surrounding life insurance has been explained well. It looks like the author has engaged someone before marriage but ended up something else.

Frankly speaking, I never heard of the term Haggling and the next chapter examines the basic requirements to attend Haggling class. I loved to read through the study materials during my graduation days. In HAPPIMESS, the author talks about some other material. The author also mentions the cure for this problem and I laughed extremely loud.

The story revolving around rats and invitations have been covered in the next chapter. It’s pretty long stuff and you should probably take a long break with hot tea to catch up the remaining chapters. If you are living in a society or apartment complex, you should worry about someone and this has been covered very well by the author. The author has employed funny titles for each chapter to attract readers. This includes a term commonly used in the game of Cricket.

The content of the book is less but you will find the whole coverage very casual and interesting. The chapters talk about things you could have faced in real life but never thought about them later. The paper quality is excellent and the font style is pretty decent to read. You will not face any eye strain after an extended reading session. If you are an avid reader, you can make notes for extended reading.

Biswajit has made a great attempt to present the stories in a lucid style. HAPPIMESS is the sure winner and will be a useful companion during leisure time. We highly recommend HAPPIMESS for all your pleasure reading requirements.

Author: Biswajit Banerji
Date: January 1, 2020
Publisher: Locksley Hall Publishing
Price: Rs 299
Rating: *****
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Review: Back to School: A Useful Guide to Navigate through the Pandemic



Back to School - A Useful Guide to Navigate through the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic followed by an extended lockdown kept all children worldwide inside the four walls of their rooms. Moreover, parents had a tough time educating their kids to make use of smartphones, computers, and the Internet for online learning purposes. With the decline in COVID-19 cases, schools have started to ring bells again and kids started attending classes inside their old classrooms. Even though Back to School is not much of a problem, few students face issues including mental health while attending classes after long time and extended usage of Gadgets. Back to School: A Useful Guide to Navigate through the Pandemic by Lavitha Vaz & Shalini Mukund critically examines the various aspects involved with attending schools during the pandemic.

Back to School: A Useful Guide to Navigate through the Pandemic span 86 pages and is available in both paperback and ebook formats. The book has been authored by talented educators and is published by Sita Infobytes Solution based in Mumbai. The first part comprises three chapters. The book has covered the role of teachers and relationship building including various mental health-related aspects. The author has examined Gadget addiction, which is very much required in these tough times. The kids also addicted to cartoons and the techniques applied in this section can also employed here. In Chapter 3, the author prompts parents to talk to their children about a particular factor.

Part 2 consists of several chapters. You will learn excellent techniques to empower children. This includes several relaxation methods such as meditation, deep breathing, Yoga, fun games, book reading, music listening, and much more. The remaining chapter deeply examines self-affirmation practices and social skills training. You will learn about the art of effective communication and group activities. The book includes useful helplines across the world.

Back to School: A Useful Guide to Navigate through the Pandemic by Lavitha Vaz & Shalini Mukund is an excellent book to help students and parents to come out from the shackles of the post-COVID syndrome. The content will be also useful for adults and senior citizens as well. The author is written in a lucid style. I would appreciate if the Table of Contents include bookmark links so that readers can directly jump to the relevant section. The author has provided only the text content without any figures. It would be beneficial if the content is supplemented with relevant images. I hope the authors will take this aspect into consideration while preparing the second edition of the book.

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