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Ulefone Gemini Pro Review



Ulefone Gemini Pro

So guys this is the Ulefone Gemini Pro and exciting flagship for many reasons but more than anything what it can do for such a low price with our being third let’s get started so I thought it’d be a pretty good idea to start this video with an unboxing because primarily for $250 flagship what we’re getting here is a really really nice bit of presentation.

We’ve got this pretty awesome consistent red and black thing going on here and the USB type-c charging cable also echos this it’s quite reminiscent of the 1+5 charger. We’ve also got a micro USB to USB type-c adapter which together should be as standard and then in this little box at the back we’ve got a couple of little surprises not only have we got the ejecting pin and the instruction manual but also a tempered glass screen protector and a really really impressive leather feeling case Tom’s got a shiny robbery inside feels really high-quality and I can imagine some companies will be charging you $20 for this so here’s the smartphone it’s genuinely beautiful and for 250 dollars it’s packing incredible specifications

We’re going to get onto that in just a moment but let’s start with how it looks and feels so at nearly eight and a half millimeters and 181 grams it’s hardly the most felt package holding it in the hands though it is still pretty comfortable the weight is evenly distributed which means you don’t really notice most of the time and also the curved corners means your hands can slide over quite nicely there is a tiny bit of flex in the body but that is to be expected out of phone at this price and that red and black finish I genuinely love it I mean I can kind of see why more mainstream manufacturers stick to the blacks the Grays and the gold but here it is such a refreshing change so the display.

We’ve got packing is a 5.5 inch 1080p panel it’s backed by Gorilla Glass 3 which is a fairly old technology but nonetheless still has some scratch resistance it’s got only an average level of brightness but the colour reproduction is quite nice it took a little bit of adjusting to moving from the Galaxy s8 because it is less saturated done that but you actually start to really get into it it’s a nice display to view content on the only thing which really irks me about the display is the fact that we’ve got those giant bezels looking at the beautiful rear of the smartphone.

I think contrasting it with how the front looks it only seems like there were two entirely different goals at heart so to be honest I was more or less delight to find a pretty stock version of Android 7.1 on this guy can really last too much more there’s a little bit of a dark theme going on quite a nice adjustment and a refreshing change and a couple of extra features on top something I really like is you can substitute the navigation bar with the home button so for example single tapping it will go back and long pressing it will go straight home.

I also really like the fingerprint scan on this while some people do prefer rear placement to me this works really well I can get into my phone far faster than I could with my normal Galaxy s8 in terms of settings the companies put quite a bit of emphasis on smart assistant essentially a whole list of settings that allow you to interact with your phone by gestures or using the different sensors on it and they work to a mix degree some are good some are less good I just couldn’t get over the ridiculously named eyebrow mode now I’ll also really excited to see the MT 67 956 of RAM on paper that’s a potent combination and it does score very well for its price on benchmarks I mean eighty-three thousand a month to two is theoretically enough to do anything you’d want to do with your Android device the operating system performance is really fast very very fluid there’s no performance a cups whatsoever sometimes you forget that the phone is $250.

I’ll talk about the RAM management here is actually far better than even what I’ve seen on devices with even more RAM it works well to multitask and gaming performance absolutely shines you may have a slight compatibility issue it may be one or two percent of the apps and games you want to use but apart from that the performance is more or less flawless there is no game that you’ll feel limited by or that you won’t be able to play just because it’s not fast enough I also found application performance things like photo and video editing on the phone.

We’re really good they were really quick but the only thing worth noting is that with some tasks not all just some things there is a little bit of an input lag between your action and the actual output it’s not a huge deal it probably happens on a lot of firms like this but it is noticeable so with a battery life of three thousand six hundred and eighty million powers I was expecting a little bit more of a full day’s use but that is more or less what you get which isn’t bad by any means but it’s just probably not using that battery to its fullest potential now you also do have a reasonably loud mono speaker on the bottom again placement not that impressive it is mono sound but it’s reasonably loud and vocals and voices some really clear through it now the camera is definitely one of the most interesting things about the Jeremiah Pro.

We’ve actually got a dual 13 megapixel sensor here one monochrome and one RGB those meant to work together to create really impressive bouquet effects in practice well first of all it’s detailed it’s got a good focus distance you can get really quite close to objects and still focus on them it’s pretty good at managing HDR and iOS as well and the bokeh mode is impressive even when you’re not particularly close to objects you can definitely give them a sense of depth greater than what you would be able to do with a single lens having said that it doesn’t always work sometimes you can end up with something a little bit more like this I suppose that’s what you expect from portrait modes on other phones but this one just isn’t quite as good as what you might see on the iPhone 7 plus.

For example a bit of a shame to see that the phone really loses its polish in lower lighting conditions having said that the 4k video was really not bad at all we’re getting that strong depth of field that we wanted from those lenses and the stabilization was electronic in nature is really not bad so guys badda D EULA Phone Gemini Pro and it’s a firm with a lot of potential potential to look dazzling potential to perform really well and potential to have an excellent camera whilst it doesn’t necessarily always perform at its potential for the most part you’ll just be glad that it can even get close the Gemini pro rata sets the bar high for a mid tier flagship it’s got loads of storage 64 gigs plus a microSD multi coverage.

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Windows 10 Sunset: A Looming E-Waste Crisis and Sustainable Solutions




Windows 10

Microsoft is scheduled to end support for Windows 10 by October 2025. According to Canalys Research, over 240 million PCs and laptops will potentially contribute to a significant increase in landfill waste. Moreover, the electronic waste that are generated from these abandoned PCs could be around 480 million kilograms, which is equivalent to 320,000 cars.

The research firm also raised eyebrows regarding the low demand for devices that are pre-loaded with Windows 10. That being said, Microsoft intends to provide security updates for Windows 10 until October 2028 but you have to pay a yearly cost.

According to reports, migrating to newer PC will be cost-effective if Microsoft charges hefty charges for providing technical upgrades. Moreover, upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 can also be considered if the device meets the system requirements. You should note that Windows 11 is compatible with Intel Core 8th Gen and above PCs including select Intel Core 7th Generation processors. You can easily migrate via the Windows Update dashboard or by joining Windows Insider Program.

According to Canalys Research, recycling hard drives from PCs, laptops and data storage servers is a difficult process. However, the finished recycled hard drives will be suitable for electric vehicle motors and renewable power generation.

Microsoft estimates that Windows 11 powered with AI will surely boost the stagnant PC market to a great extent. The news reports suggest that Microsoft declined to comment on the environmental impact arising from the disposal of devices that are not compatible with Windows 11.

If you work with a Windows 10 PC or laptop, you should carefully check the specifications to check the upgrade possibility. You should throw away Windows 10 devices only if required. You can still work with Windows 10 devices even without any upgrades.

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Digital Detox: Unplugging for Better Well-being




Digital Detox

In the fast-paced digital age, where smartphones and screens dominate our daily lives, taking a step back and embracing a digital detox has become more crucial than ever for our overall well-being. The constant barrage of notifications, emails, and social media updates can contribute to stress, anxiety, and a sense of being constantly “plugged in.” In this article, we will explore the concept of a digital detox and the positive impact it can have on your mental and physical health.

Understanding the Need for a Digital Detox

Our increasing reliance on digital devices has led to a phenomenon where we are constantly connected, making it challenging to escape the demands of work, social media, and the digital world in general. This constant connectivity can take a toll on our mental health, contributing to feelings of burnout, sleep disturbances, and decreased productivity.

A digital detox involves intentionally disconnecting from digital devices for a specified period. This break allows individuals to recalibrate, recharge, and focus on activities that promote well-being.

Benefits of a Digital Detox

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Constant exposure to information and notifications can elevate stress levels. Taking a break from digital devices provides a mental reset, allowing you to unwind and relax.

Improved Sleep Quality

The blue light emitted by screens can disrupt sleep patterns. A digital detox, especially before bedtime, can improve the quality of your sleep, leading to better overall health.

Enhanced Productivity

Without the constant distractions from notifications and social media, individuals often find themselves more focused and productive during a digital detox. This break allows for a deeper immersion in tasks without interruptions.

Stronger Connections

While digital platforms connect us with people globally, they can also hinder face-to-face interactions. A digital detox encourages real-world connections, fostering stronger relationships with friends and family.

Increased Self-Awareness

Constant comparison on social media can negatively impact self-esteem. A digital detox provides the opportunity for self-reflection and a break from the pressure of curated online personas.

Tips for a Successful Digital Detox

Set Clear Boundaries

Establish specific times or days for your digital detox. Communicate these boundaries to friends, family, and colleagues to manage expectations.

Find Offline Activities

Identify activities that bring you joy and fulfillment without the need for screens. This could include reading, hiking, painting, or spending quality time with loved ones.

Create a Tech-Free Zone

Designate specific areas in your home, such as the bedroom or dining area, as tech-free zones. This can help you disengage during crucial times like meals and bedtime.

Use Technology Mindfully

When you return to using digital devices, do so with intention. Practice mindful consumption by limiting the time spent on social media and being selective about the content you engage with.


In a world that’s always online, taking the time to unplug and detox from digital devices is a powerful act of self-care. By incorporating regular digital detoxes into our lives, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with technology, fostering improved mental and physical well-being. Remember, the key is not to eliminate technology entirely but to use it consciously and in a way that enhances, rather than detracts from, our overall quality of life.

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Google delays approval of Kerala Savari app on technical grounds




Kerala Savari

Kerala Chief Minister has launched the much-awaited Kerala Savari cab service at a function held in Thiruvanathapuram. However, the Kerala Savari app is yet to arrive on Google Play Store and hence the commuters are waiting to ride on autos and cabs. According to reports, Google is delaying the verification due to technical problems with the app. The commuters are unable to book tickets because of the delay. The official claimed that Kerala Savari app will hit Play Store by August 17 afternoon followed by night. It’s well known that Kerala Government’s BevQ approval got delayed after the initial announcement.

Kerala Savari is the first attempt by any state Government in India. The Government claims that drivers are police verified and has integrated several safety measures into the app. The officials revealed that Kerala Savari app provides not only an affordable riding experience but also excellent continued income for motor workers. The service offers improved features when compared with competing cab services such as Ola, Uber, and others. The booking can be canceled by both drivers and riders.

As of this writing, over 302 autos and 226 taxis have registered to become part of Kerala Savari. The attractive part of the Kerala Savari service is that 22 drivers are females. The service will become operational on a trial basis followed by a wider rollout in other cities.

The Kerala Savari app is yet to appear on the Google Play Store. We expect the app to get approval from Google today. The service will lose credibility if the app is delayed beyond that. We wonder why the authorities failed to get approval for the app prior to the official launch.

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