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11 Father’s Day Gift Ideas on Amazon: Irresistible, Trendy and Productive



Father's Day Amazon

Father’s Day is a unique day for all of us. You can show your love and affection to your father by gifting products, which will be useful for him. Amazon has a wide range of products suitable for all ages including fathers. The e-commerce giant also opened a separate store on the occasion of the Father’s Day. In this article, we will provide you with a list of 10 useful products that you can give to your father as a gift.

Amazon Echo Dot

If you would like to gift your father with a device which performs tasks automatically, you should consider Amazon Echo Dot, which is available for $40. The Echo Dot can be controlled via voice and can be used to play music, perform calls, message management, news reading, alarms, audiobooks including controlling smart home devices.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

Father’s Days falls on the weekend. If you are spending time with your father, you can gift him with MGCOOL Explorer Pro action camera. He will be able to capture stunning 4K videos at 30fps. Moreover, the camera provides an ability to shoot 16M images with 170-degree super wide angle SHARKEYE lens. Powered by a 1050mAh battery, the Explorer Pro camera enables you to capture videos for a duration of 120 minutes. Moreover, the camera ships with a water-resistant IP68 case for underwater shooting.

Buy MGCOOL Explorer Pro

Moov Now

Your father requires constant and regular health. Moov Now ($60) is a lightweight device, which helps him to stay active since the fitness tracker monitors the lifestyle including progress tracking. It ships with real-time audio coaching for cycling, running, body weight including cardio boxing and swim tracking features. With water-resistant features, the Moov Now provides 6 months warranty.

Buy Moov Now

Twiddle Fidget Spinner

If your fathers need to relax, then you need to provide him with a Twiddle Fidget Spinner available on Amazon for $14.95. The Fidget spinner will help in the treatment of stress relief, ADHD, anxiety, and autism. Moreover, it will also help your father to quit smoking. According to tests, the spinner has a capability to reduce stress levels. The Twiddle Fidget spinner is manufactured with a Core 608 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing alongside three additional black steel bearings. It will ensure maximum performance and smooth rotations.

Buy Twiddle Fidget Spinner

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speakers are an excellent gift for your valuable father. The speaker will help your dad to listen to the music delivered via smartphone, tablet, laptop or any device with Bluetooth support. The speaker is designed using dual high-performance drivers paired with a patented spiral bass port. The Anker speaker is capable of playing 500 songs in 24 hours with leading power management functionality. The company provides a warranty for 18 months giving you peace of mind.

Buy Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker


After a person reaches 60 years, the fitness should be measured regularly. It is not possible to reach out to a health care provider daily. Hence, your father should make use of MGCOOL BAND 2 using which the fitness parameters can be tracked effectively. It includes monitoring steps count, distance traveled, heart rate, sleep, alarm, music, camera and other related features. Moreover, the wearable is water-resistant via IPX7 technology. The device will provide a long backup with the integrated 80mAh battery.

Buy MGCOOL Band 2

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

If your father is an avid reader, you should gift him with Kindle Paperwhite E-reader available for $99.99. Even though ebooks can be read on smartphones and tablets, the Kindle provides a glare and distraction free environment. The reader provides a 5-inch high-resolution display with 300 PPI alongside integrated light. Although you can buy normal Kindle for $59.99, the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader provides the valuable backlight option, which will be useful in low-light scenarios.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

ASUS ZenPad 8-inch Android Tablet

Smartphones are small devices. Why not you gift your father with a large sized tablet? Your dad will be able to read content and browse the web without eye strain. Priced at $128.87, the ASUS ZenPad features an 8-inch display, MTK8163 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing shooter loaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Buy ASUS ZenPad 8-inch Android Tablet


MGCOOL WAVE is a Bluetooth-enabled headset, which helps your father to answer phone calls and listen to music easily. Designed ergonomically, the MGCOOL WAVE features CSR8635 chipset, GFSK modulation, Bluetooth 4.1, EDR including the lossless audio technology via APT-X. The 100mAh battery helps you to work continuously for 5 to 7 hours. The headset can be charged within two hours.


Anker PowerCore II 20000 Portable Charger

What will happen if your father goes for a vacation with your smartphone but doesn’t have the power to charge? Anker PowerCore II 20000 Portable Charger is here to your rescue. Your father will be able to charge the devices easily. The 20W dual micro USB port provides excellent charging speeds. The Anker power bank helps you to charge the iPhone 7 seven times, Galaxy S7 four times. Moreover, you can also charge tablets and other devices.

Buy Anker PowerCore II 20000 Portable Charger

Ceiling Fan Duster

Ceiling fans are hard to clean. Your father needs to hire a person for cleaning fans. Otherwise, he will have to climb on a table to reach out to the tough handles. Ceiling Fan Duster, priced at $11, helps your father to clean the blades of the fan by simply standing on the floor without any worry. We have personally worked with this fan duster and found it very trendy and productive. We highly recommend the Ceiling fan duster if you would like to clean fans easily and quickly without climbing on top of chairs or stools.

Buy Ceiling Fan Duster


As you can see, there are several products available for gifting on the occasion of Father’s Day. If you purchase wearable devices, you will have to teach your father about the usage if he is not tech savvy. We hope you will gift a product which is useful for your father.

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Windows 10 Sunset: A Looming E-Waste Crisis and Sustainable Solutions




Windows 10

Microsoft is scheduled to end support for Windows 10 by October 2025. According to Canalys Research, over 240 million PCs and laptops will potentially contribute to a significant increase in landfill waste. Moreover, the electronic waste that are generated from these abandoned PCs could be around 480 million kilograms, which is equivalent to 320,000 cars.

The research firm also raised eyebrows regarding the low demand for devices that are pre-loaded with Windows 10. That being said, Microsoft intends to provide security updates for Windows 10 until October 2028 but you have to pay a yearly cost.

According to reports, migrating to newer PC will be cost-effective if Microsoft charges hefty charges for providing technical upgrades. Moreover, upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 can also be considered if the device meets the system requirements. You should note that Windows 11 is compatible with Intel Core 8th Gen and above PCs including select Intel Core 7th Generation processors. You can easily migrate via the Windows Update dashboard or by joining Windows Insider Program.

According to Canalys Research, recycling hard drives from PCs, laptops and data storage servers is a difficult process. However, the finished recycled hard drives will be suitable for electric vehicle motors and renewable power generation.

Microsoft estimates that Windows 11 powered with AI will surely boost the stagnant PC market to a great extent. The news reports suggest that Microsoft declined to comment on the environmental impact arising from the disposal of devices that are not compatible with Windows 11.

If you work with a Windows 10 PC or laptop, you should carefully check the specifications to check the upgrade possibility. You should throw away Windows 10 devices only if required. You can still work with Windows 10 devices even without any upgrades.

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Digital Detox: Unplugging for Better Well-being




Digital Detox

In the fast-paced digital age, where smartphones and screens dominate our daily lives, taking a step back and embracing a digital detox has become more crucial than ever for our overall well-being. The constant barrage of notifications, emails, and social media updates can contribute to stress, anxiety, and a sense of being constantly “plugged in.” In this article, we will explore the concept of a digital detox and the positive impact it can have on your mental and physical health.

Understanding the Need for a Digital Detox

Our increasing reliance on digital devices has led to a phenomenon where we are constantly connected, making it challenging to escape the demands of work, social media, and the digital world in general. This constant connectivity can take a toll on our mental health, contributing to feelings of burnout, sleep disturbances, and decreased productivity.

A digital detox involves intentionally disconnecting from digital devices for a specified period. This break allows individuals to recalibrate, recharge, and focus on activities that promote well-being.

Benefits of a Digital Detox

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Constant exposure to information and notifications can elevate stress levels. Taking a break from digital devices provides a mental reset, allowing you to unwind and relax.

Improved Sleep Quality

The blue light emitted by screens can disrupt sleep patterns. A digital detox, especially before bedtime, can improve the quality of your sleep, leading to better overall health.

Enhanced Productivity

Without the constant distractions from notifications and social media, individuals often find themselves more focused and productive during a digital detox. This break allows for a deeper immersion in tasks without interruptions.

Stronger Connections

While digital platforms connect us with people globally, they can also hinder face-to-face interactions. A digital detox encourages real-world connections, fostering stronger relationships with friends and family.

Increased Self-Awareness

Constant comparison on social media can negatively impact self-esteem. A digital detox provides the opportunity for self-reflection and a break from the pressure of curated online personas.

Tips for a Successful Digital Detox

Set Clear Boundaries

Establish specific times or days for your digital detox. Communicate these boundaries to friends, family, and colleagues to manage expectations.

Find Offline Activities

Identify activities that bring you joy and fulfillment without the need for screens. This could include reading, hiking, painting, or spending quality time with loved ones.

Create a Tech-Free Zone

Designate specific areas in your home, such as the bedroom or dining area, as tech-free zones. This can help you disengage during crucial times like meals and bedtime.

Use Technology Mindfully

When you return to using digital devices, do so with intention. Practice mindful consumption by limiting the time spent on social media and being selective about the content you engage with.


In a world that’s always online, taking the time to unplug and detox from digital devices is a powerful act of self-care. By incorporating regular digital detoxes into our lives, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with technology, fostering improved mental and physical well-being. Remember, the key is not to eliminate technology entirely but to use it consciously and in a way that enhances, rather than detracts from, our overall quality of life.

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Google delays approval of Kerala Savari app on technical grounds




Kerala Savari

Kerala Chief Minister has launched the much-awaited Kerala Savari cab service at a function held in Thiruvanathapuram. However, the Kerala Savari app is yet to arrive on Google Play Store and hence the commuters are waiting to ride on autos and cabs. According to reports, Google is delaying the verification due to technical problems with the app. The commuters are unable to book tickets because of the delay. The official claimed that Kerala Savari app will hit Play Store by August 17 afternoon followed by night. It’s well known that Kerala Government’s BevQ approval got delayed after the initial announcement.

Kerala Savari is the first attempt by any state Government in India. The Government claims that drivers are police verified and has integrated several safety measures into the app. The officials revealed that Kerala Savari app provides not only an affordable riding experience but also excellent continued income for motor workers. The service offers improved features when compared with competing cab services such as Ola, Uber, and others. The booking can be canceled by both drivers and riders.

As of this writing, over 302 autos and 226 taxis have registered to become part of Kerala Savari. The attractive part of the Kerala Savari service is that 22 drivers are females. The service will become operational on a trial basis followed by a wider rollout in other cities.

The Kerala Savari app is yet to appear on the Google Play Store. We expect the app to get approval from Google today. The service will lose credibility if the app is delayed beyond that. We wonder why the authorities failed to get approval for the app prior to the official launch.

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